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Staying Fit & Socially Active


It is interesting to consider that there are three important factors that contribute to a person's life expectancy. One factor is genetics, the second is environmental (including health-related factors such as smoking) but the most important factor is linked to human connection.

Put simply, having friends and companions can help you live longer. 

Surprisingly, it's estimated a significant proportion of Australians live on their own and in recent times it is reasonable to expect that the sense of loneliness and isolation has only further been compounded due to COVID-19 restrictions. 

Owning a home in a lifestyle community like Thyme Moreton Bay presents so many benefits to people over 50. It allows people to live independently whilst also being a part of a warm and welcoming community. The Country Club and social events are great ways for homeowners to meet people with similar interests and to have a great time together. In essence, Thyme Lifestyle Resort provides a great opportunity for you to make friends and not feel isolated.