Many Benefits In Living Close To Health Facilities

It’s no secret that Australians are living longer. Not only are we living longer, our quality of life in our later years is improving, due to continual advances in medical research and technologies. Longer life gives us all more time to pursue our passions, socialise with family and friends, travel, and generally embrace what could be the best years of our lives yet, with gusto.

However, with ageing, comes some natural decline in health; some brought on by lifestyle factors such as past vices catching up with us, and some just random – pure bad luck. To better preserve and protect our quality of life, it is important that we undergo regular health checks and have access, wherever possible to premium healthcare facilities.

For this reason, an increasing number of over 50’s, are choosing to downsize and relocate into areas closer to major infrastructure, particularly hospitals and related medical specialists.  Vibrant, thriving communities are popping up within close proximity to some of the nation’s best hospitals; and along with new development comes other vital infrastructure such as public transport, shopping centres, dining and entertainment precincts, and parkland/green belts with walking and cycling paths.

The benefits of living close to health facilities in later years are significant, they include:

Heightened Independence:  quick, easy access to health facilities increases your independence, as you won’t have to be relying on family or friends to transport you to your appointments; there is generally good public transport in areas near major health facilities, and you can take advantage of this, also avoiding parking angst in the process.

Convenience: a trip to see your medical practitioner or specialist, won’t necessarily take a huge chunk of time, if you are located within the vicinity of a major health precinct. Having that X-ray won’t be a mission!

Peace of Mind: just knowing that access to essential medical facilities is so quick and effortless generally reduces stress and anxiety, particularly as each year progresses. Mental health is as important as physical health, and ensuring your stress levels are minimised is critical to happiness and quality of life.

Infrastructure: Residents of these vicinities benefit from the masses of public and private investment that is injected into areas that house major health facilities, and these include leisure, retail, commercial facilities, and public transport.

Because of all the factors outlined, an increasing number of quality developments tailored for over 50’s living are being developed and are really starting to accelerate in appeal. Many offer pet-friendly living, with an extensive suite of on-site facilities including swimming pools, gymnasiums, cinemas, landscaped gardens with BBQ terraces, and secure parking; offering an amazing low maintenance lifestyle that will be the envy of your grown-up children and grandchildren.

Source — Joanna Jones (Freelance Journalist/Copywriter)

Image Credit — Thomas Hafeneth